Stay Safe, Keep Each Other Protected

Wearing a mask is something we can all do to keep our community protected. Shop our unique collections and find the WEARSOS mask that expresses your style!

One-of-a-kind Upcycled Masks

Find a mask that suits your style. Choose from a selection of unique masks and stay protected. Behind every mask there´s a story. Find yours.

The Fruit Collection

Introducing our limited-edition fruity collection. These masks are pear-fect to embrace your sweet side. A pineapple always wears a crown, now you can wear a pineapple.


Solid Color Masks

Solid color masks for every occasion.

Limited Edition Sets ( Only Two Available)

The Wearsos limited-edition sets are the perfect set for daily wear. A functional bandana to keep your hair  tidy while matching your comfy mask. Hand made in Canada with 100% cotton canvas. Fabric from Ghana and Kenya

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