For a Better Future


For a Better Future

During These Times

We Can All Help

$2,000 Fundraised

We ran a fundraising campaign for a local hospice
Support Women Entrepreneurs

10% of our profits go the women-run organization RETUS Tours. Located in Costa Rica, the Network of Women Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Tourism welcomes the traveler who is interested in environmental preservation, nature and how people support their communities while maintaining a balance.The tourism industry in Costa Rica has been greatly affected during the pandemic.

50 Masks Committed

Help support a sustainable flow of donations from local communities
Donate a Mask!

We have partnered with Indaggo to help healthcare organizations and other service providers fulfill their needs for masks. The goal is to help support a sustainable flow of donations from local communities in response to an organization’s needs. At check out, you can choose to donate as many masks as you want.

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Our Latest Arrivals

NEW Masks for Kids!

Fun and exclusive styles

The Fruit Collection

Introducing our limited-edition fruity collection. These masks are pear-fect to embrace your sweet side. A pineapple always wears a crown, now you can wear a pineapple.


One Color Masks

The perfect mask for any occasion 

Limited Edition Sets

Wearsos limited-edition sets are the perfect set for daily wear. A functional bandana to keep your hair tidy while matching your comfy mask. Hand made in Canada with 100% cotton canvas.

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