Our story

We were working to create a socially conscious brand that inspires change, while reducing waste, activating rural economies, and creating educational spaces for a better future. Then, the global COVID-19 pandemic came. Like many of you, because of the current situation, we had to restructure our plans, and adjust our timelines.

For the time being, we have decided to shift our efforts to helping each other keep protected with comfortable and unique masks. Some made from upcycled fabric, others made with donated materials, but all of them hand made with love.

Wearsos masks are by no means medical devices or substitutes of personal protective equipment. This is only a small contribution to a step we can all take to help protect other people. Our missions and values haven’t changed, however. Stay tune for more great things!

We are this, wear us. Wearsos

We are donating 10% of our profit

We have partnered with the women-run organization RETUS Tours to donate 10% of our profit.

Located in Costa Rica, the Network of Women Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Tourism welcomes the traveler who is interested in environmental preservation, nature and how people support their communities while maintaining a balance.

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